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Thoersi Argeswara
Features . . .


  • BUMIKU SATU a 4 episodes documentary film, produced by RCTI/WWF (Miles Productions, 1997)
  • MotherCare, a documentary film, directed by Yudi Datau (Salto Film, 1998)
  • [aikon!] a 4 episodes of TV filler (YTC Productions, 1998)
  • A Day in A Life, a documentary film for Unilever directed by Riri Riza (Miles Productions, 1999)
  • Jelajah Nusa, episode Banu. A documentary film about the people of Banu in West Flores, directed by Dea Sudarman (Sejati Foundation, 1999)
  • Our Gold, Our Sick, a documentary film for an Australian Human Right Foundation (Salto Film, 1999)
  • Agam Wispi, a documentary film about Indonesian literature, directed by Riri Riza (Lontar Foundation, 1999)
  • The Army Forced Them To Be Violent (Rakyat Pasti Menang), a documentary film produced and directed by Tino Saroengallo (distributed by Salto Film, 1999)
  • Aceh, a documentary film for ELSAM Foundation, (Citra Audivistama, 1999)
  • P3DT, a documentary film for P3DT (Indonesian Government) (Gemini Satria Film, 1999)
  • Rio Tinto, a documentary film for Kelian Equatorial Mining (Miles Production, 2000)
  • PTSL, a documentary film for PTSL (Indonesian Government) (Gemini Satria Film, 1999)
  • Small Industries, a documentary film for Deperindag (Indonesian Government) (Gemini Satria Film, 2000)
  • Departemen Luar Negeri, a documentary film for DepLu (Indonesian Government) (Gemini Satria Film, 2000)
  • The Take Off, a documentary for Discovery Channel (2001) directed by Chandra Tanzil who won the Discovery Channel’s Asia Past & Forward Award (Ki Communication 2001)
  • PSAB, a documentary series of Kids Choir for TPI directed by Chandra Tanzil (Ki Communication 2002)?• Ira’s World – a documentary produced by Total Indonesia & Helen Keller Foundation (2005)
  • Playing Beetwen Two Elephants, a documentary film for UN Habitat (UN Habitat 2007)
  • Cap Go Meh, features documentary by Amrin Nugraha (Cinemasphere 2009)
  • Ne Renda, a documentary by Tino Saroengallo 2011
  • Pesan Dari Samudra, a documentary by Riri Riza, Miles Films 2012